Arthur L. Bernstein Biography

Above all else, Arthur L. Bernstein is a man of many trades. He is an award winning filmmaker, a reputable director and producer with several years of experience in the entertainment industry and is also a business developer and life insurance and employee benefits analyst at Richard S. Bernstein and Associates, Inc. located in City of Palm Beach.

Born in West Palm Beach, Florida, he earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Motion Picture and Theatre Production at the University of Miami in Florida. Though he minored in marketing, that experience would wait in the wings as he delved further into the film industry; before that however, he worked at WxEL for the television show Talk about Money with Jim Barry, completely air checks. He followed his passion started out as an extra for productions such as U.S. Customs Classified with Stephen J. Canal;  made an appearance in a Reebok commercial and in the film Super Force he portrayed a college student, despite the fact the was only 12 years old! He also filled his time at the start of his career as an intern at the Palm Beach Commission for Chuck Elderd. His more prominent work includes credits on various Happy Madison features at Stony Studios in California; he also made an appearance in movies like Lemon Twist, O.J. Simpson’s last movie; The Mastermind, Hitter’s Anonymous and Senorita Justice. Shortly after, Arthur received mentorship from famous actor Burt Reynolds.

Though acting was enjoyable, he also developed a deep passion for writing and delving into a character’s psyche and expanding their horizons through climatic choices. Arthur found he hit his stride behind the camera and went on to direct both commercials and infomercials like the City of Riviera Beach and Port of Palm Beach promos and televised ad campaigns for mayors of West Palm Beach Mayor Frankel and Jeffrey Greewald, respectively. He also directed commercials for the Bob Beamon Golf and Tennis Tournament in 2004 and for Drs. J and Carl Lewis. Later in his career, Arthur began producing for television and films, namely The Screening Room for channel 17. The show, featuring special guests like Paul Lazarus III, stuntman Mike Kurton, Johnathan Krane and many others, presented a cavalcade of novice and student filmmakers eager to break into the business and make their films known.

While producing and directing, Arthur has also made a career assisting corporations to expand their revenue stream while creatively exploring cost reduction and reliable insurance plans for his clients at Richard S. Bernstein and Associates, Inc.  He prides himself on his ability to unite business leaders of varying industries with the aim of having a cohesive, productive and profitable relationship. Cross-utilizing his experience as a filmmaker and born marketer, Arthur has coordinated promotional film guest starring mogul and magnate Donald Trump for Richard and Robin’s annual Maralago Video for client use.

Arriving in theatres this year, Arthur is the executive producer and writer for the film, Walt Before Mickey, a biopic that will explore who Walt Disney was long before he became synonymous with the little mouse with white gloves. Arthur will also have the pleasure of starring as Frank L. Newman in the film.  At present, he writing another feature film entitled “College Cons.”

Lou Gehrig is the only guy to hit a triple crown in a single season and not win the MVP award. He is a humble man and a class act of a human being that never quit and ended up dying for doing what he loved, playing baseball in front of the whole world.  He is what everyone in this world should strive to be.

-Arthur L. Bernstein