Based on the true events behind “Rocky”. Local boxer, Chuck Wepner was slinging liquor in Bayonne, New Jersey when he got the call. Chuck was going to fight the Heavy Weight Champion of the World, Muhammad Ali. Chuck trained hard, pushing himself to the limit so he could go toe to toe with the greatest fighter of all time. His heroic battle with Ali was only the beginning of a wild ride that takes Chuck from the lows of New Jersey to highs of Hollywood.


Featuring Zach McGowen (Black Sails, Shameless), Amy Smart (Road Trip just friends), Joe Pantileone (Matrix, Risky Business), Taryn Manning (8mile, Orange is New Black), Jason Richter (Free Willy), Arthur L. Bernstein(Walt Before Mickey), Adam Falkoff (American Brawler), Nick Loeb (Precious Cargo). Directed by Ken Kushner